EU Solar Bond Investment

  • Bond subscription of €12,800, €25,600, €51,200 and €102,400
  • Receive up to 11.5% net fixed interest return paid annually
  • 10yr and 15yr Bonds available
  • Overall IRR up to 12.1% after Bond redemption
  • Corporate Bond asset class
  • UK Trustee holds a first charge over the land, will receive all income generated and will hold a first charge over the plant equipment and components throughout the first phase of the project
  • Pre contract negotiations in place with electricity purchaser a subsidiary of EVN AG Austria, €2.2bn market cap

Solar Assets – the UK’s only tangible, 25 year income

  • An inflation-linked (RPI) income for 25 years
  • A 9.5% yield in year 1
  • UK Government 25 year FIT payment guarantee
  • Secure 25 year contracts with the homeowner
  • MCS registered systems
  • Ownership transfer securely managed by UK solicitors
  • Systems in the sunniest areas of the UK
  • Operation & maintenance optional
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